What is Happiness?

We talk or think about Happiness regularly, but do we all mean the same thing. Some of us might be talking about our feeling in the present moment, and others might be referring to the thought and feeling about life in general. So what is Happiness?

What is Happiness?

This question has no straightforward answer, it depends on what we really want to know. Happiness has many different definitions, in general, it is an emotional state defined by our feeling of delight, enjoyment, contentment, and achievement, and often defined as containing positive affections, and self-satisfaction.

In social science, happiness is widely described by the term “Subjective well-being”, this term is mostly used by economists, psychologists, sociologists. Subjective well-being refers to our experience and personal feeling in our lives at the present moment.

Happiness has always played a critical part in our health and well-being. Our understanding of happiness has changed over time. Because our well-being is about our state of mind, what we feel and experience in our daily life, everyone has a different understanding and thoughts about happiness. Social scientists have suggested several theories to explain how we experience and pursue happiness. As mentioned above, happiness is a feeling, an emotion( positive emotions only) that we express daily, we show throw it self satisfaction and achievement that we consider important to us at that moment. That brings us to our next question, are we happy?

Are we Happy?

The way we view happiness is different from one to another, but I am sure that there are some clues that we use when talking or thinking about it. Earlier we mentioned happiness as a feeling and that has to be positive and personal ,right. So it can be

  • Feeling like you are living the life you wanted
  • Feeling that the conditions of your life are good
  • Feeing that you have accomplished (or will accomplish) what you want in life
  • Feeling satisfied with your life
  • Feeling positive more than negative

One important thing to remember is that happiness isn’t a state of constant euphoria. Instead, happiness is an overall sense of experiencing more positive emotions than negative ones.

Happy people still feel the whole range of human emotions—anger, frustrastion, boredom, loneliness, and even sadness—from time to time. But even when faced with discomfort, they have an underlying sense of optimism that things will get better, that they can deal with what is happening, and that they will be able to feel happy again.