President Joe Biden’s immigration bill proposal

Joe Biden spend months campaigning in the U.S election and was say that there is a major overhaul in the immigration system and it needs to be reformed, just hours after taking office and becoming the 46th President of the United States of America, he send the immigration reform bill to the congress for debate and consideration. This bill includes a path to U.S. citizenship for over 10 million people living in the United States illegally, strengthen border security, legalization of certain immigrants who were deported back to their country and separated from their families during the trump administration. This bill propose also to raise the number of available legal work visas.

This Immigration reform bill is one of President Biden centerpiece on his efforts to undo former President Donald Trump legacy, who during his administration, has put in place lots of restriction banning Muslims from entering The U.S., building a wall, and enforcing the border security. Donald trump hard-line policies on immigration will be reversed by President Joe Biden if the bill passes in congress.

This bill on immigration reform is a good news for immigrants who want to immigrate to the U.S.A ,and it shows Biden willingness to reform immigration act, especially in the election race against former president Donald Trump, Biden has won the support of over 60% of Latino American voters compared with Trump.

Joe Biden faces a bumpy route ahead to pass this immigration bill, and to win over enough Republican support especially with an evenly split senate 50-50, even with Vise President Kamala Harris as a tie breaking vote, still that wont be enough. To pass a major legislation, majority of 60 votes is required,which means Democrats needs an other 10 Republican to pass the immigration reform through the senate.

Dick Durbin a Democratic Senator said that any changes to the immigration act will require cooperation of both parties, and most likely the legislation will not be the same as Biden Proposal. He added that Democrats will work hardly to get it done and that requires negotiation.

On the other side of the isle Republican Senator Lindsey Graham,who have worked on the past with Democrats en many issues and one of them is immigration said that negotiating Biden immigration proposal will be tough. Many believe that Biden will find support in the Republican party but at the end he will have to settle for far more less than his original proposal.

Everyone in both parties agrees that The immigration system in America needs changes, former President including George W.Bush , Barack Obama ,Donald Trump all tried to push immigration packages to win Latinos vote, but only to see their proposals fail in the congress.

President Joe Biden got elected not only by Latinos but as well other U.S. citizens from all background, Democrats can not prioritize immigration over economic recovery or COVID-19 pandemic package.

Latinos blame Democrats on past immigration reform failures. Former President George W. bush immigration bill failed because some of senators in the Democratic party joined Republicans in sinking Bush’s bill, because they believe that more immigrant will lead to cheap labor, in return will heart the American workers.

Finally both parties will be focusing on the next election as well on Donald Jr.Trump impeachment trial and what comes out of it, and they will mostly deal with this bill in a partisan way. At the end hopefully they will come together as Many families and kids in America and around the worlds have big hopes that Biden immigration reform will bring their families together and closer to live their American dream.

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