Trump impeachment article goes to the senate

The U.S. house Democrats delivered on January 26th, 2020 to the senate articles of impeachment to begin with the trial, considering that this is the second impeachment trial that the former President Donald Jr. Trump will face. These articles charge Trump with inciting insurrection on the Capitol in his speech to his supporters before the attack happen, this has left 5 people dead and many injured.

The impeachment charges were carried to the senate by nine House Democrats who will serve as prosecutors in the Trump trail, this articles brought in across the Capitol on Monday night in a ceremonial march through the senate along with the same places and halls the riots took place just on the same day President Biden getting certified by the house and the senate.

Just as they arrived at the Senate, Representative Jamie Raskin, the lead house prosecutor in the Trump impeachment trial, read out loud the resolution against former President Trump charging him with high crimes and misdemeanors by inciting violence and riots against a democratically elected president.

In the house, the Democrats got on January 13th ten republicans who voted to Impeach Trump. Now that the impeachment resolution is in the Senate, Democrats will need more support from the republican to convict trump, that won’t be an easy win especially with a divided chamber, and more importantly Donald Jr. Trump grip over the Republican party.

On Monday President Biden told CNN that the impeachment is happening and he does not believe they will be enough support from the Republican senators to convict Trump. He acknowledges as well the impact it could have on his agenda if Trump is not impeached.

The impeachment trial is expected to start on February 8th. in the senate, 100 senators will be serving as jurors in a proceeding that could disqualify Trump from running for office ever again. The Trial is expected to be chaired by Senator Patrick leahy who serves as the President pro tempore of the United States Senate. Although the first impeachment trial against former President Donald Jr. Trump was led by Chief Justice John Roberts.

Several Republicans have expressed their objection to the impeachment trial, some say holding a trail on a president who doesn’t hold office is a violation of the constitution and can be used against former Presidents, an argument that the Democrats reject.

Both parties have reached an agreement to give former President Donald Jr. Trump two weeks to prepare his defense. This way the Congress will focus on confirming some of President Biden’s key Cabinet appointments.

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