Trump introduces his new defense team

Donald Jr.Trump is rebuilding his defense team, he has just a few days before the impeachment trial begins. The former president has to find a new legal team, especially that the first lawyers quit a week before the historical impeachment trial starts.

According to information from CNN, former president Donald Jr.Trump has insisted that his legal team will focus during his impeachment trial on the unconfirmed election fraud allegations that he has been making for months. Trump has opposed categorically the advice of his lawyers to focus on the questions of whether it is lawful to prosecute a president after his term in office has ended.

Donald Jr.Trump’s office released a statement on Sunday presenting formally his new defense team, just a few days before the start of the impeachment trial against him in the Senate. His legal team will be led by David Schoen and Bruce Castor, ‘a highly respected defense lawyers’ according to trump’s statement.

Trump said on the statement as well that both Schoen and Castor agree that the impeachment trial is unconstitutional, this defense strategy will definitely get the support of the Republican party who have already expressed their objection to the impeachment trial, some say holding a trail on a president who doesn’t hold office is a violation of the constitution and can be used against former President.

The impeachment process will start in the Senate on the 8th of February, which means Trump’s new legal team have only a week to prepare to face the charges stating he incited the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, the same day President Joe Biden’s certification by the Congress. However this week in the Senate five Republican senators voted to dismiss the impeachment trial before it even started, they described the trial as unconstitutional because Donald Jr.Trump has already left office.

In the house of Representatives, Donald Trump is impeached, with the support of five Republicans on January 13th. Now that the impeachment resolution is in the Senate, Democrats are calling to suspend Donald Trump from never holding office ever again, to achieve that they will need more support from the republicans, at least 17 Republicans, that won’t be an easy win especially with a divided chamber, and more importantly Donald Jr. Trump grip over the Republican party.

It is also controversial among lawyers whether impeachment proceedings against a former president are constitutional. Article two of the United States Constitution establishes the power and responsibilities of the executive authority in the office of the president, it lays out the procedures for electing and removing a president.

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