UK hardly exports to the EU anymore

According to The Road Haulage Association (RHA), The movement of goods between Great Britain and the European Union is not only slowing down, but there are also hardly any exports from the island to the mainland. Experts warn that the situation could become even more dramatic in the summer, an argument rejected by London.

The Road Transport Industry is a dynamic, business critical sector upon which the UK economy depends. 85% of goods transported within the UK are carried by road.

The volume of exports from British ports to the European Union fell by 68 percent compared to the same period last year, according to The “Observer.” The Road Haulage Association (RHA) chief Richard Burnett had drawn the attention of the British government’s repetitively to the problems caused by Brexit, but despite the numerous warnings, his industry had been largely ignored for months.

Although the corona pandemic is also causing significantly problems in trades,  RHA blames the formalities and controls created by Brexit for the drastic decline. Quite a few trucks were left empty on the way back to the continent, as many British companies temporarily or completely suspended their exports to the EU. Approximately 10,000 customs employees who deal with the new formalities daily, and the  RHA estimate that only a fifth of the staff would be necessary.

According to the report, the British Ports Association confirmed the massive slump in exports. The government, on the other hand, rejected the figure: “We do not recognize the figure provided on exports. Thanks to the hard work of hauliers and traders to prepare for change, disruption at the border has so far been minimal and freight movements are now close to normal levels, despite the Covid-19 pandemic.“We will continue to work constructively with the RHA as we adjust to our new relationship with the EU and seize the opportunities of Brexit.” said a government spokesman.

The trade problems could get worse in the summer, however: Great Britain will not control imports from the EU until July, until then a transition phase will apply.

With the end of the Brexit transition phase, trade between the UK and the EU has become considerably more complicated: Although most products are not subject to tariffs thanks to the trade agreement negotiated at the last minute, forms and health checks lead to considerable delays and uncertainties for companies.

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